512KB Club

15 August, 2021

Lately, a chunk of my thinking has centred on digital minimalism and what I like to call the DIY web. The focus of much of the latter has how to make the web, at least the personal corners of it, leaner but still rich and informative and useful.

That is possible. And the 512KB Club proves it. Created by Kev Quirk, the 512KB Club is:

[A] collection of performance-focused web pages from across the Internet

While keeping the size of a web page 512KB or less might not be right for every purpose, the 512KB Club does show that you can pack a reasonable amount of information into a smaller space. That you don’t need a platform with a pile of complex plumbing beneath it to stake a claim to a corner of the web. That online, compact and simple can trump big and complex.

Scott Nesbitt