I Can’t Understand Why ...

27 September, 2022

I hear people say that a lot. You probably have, too. Maybe that statement was directed at you. It has been with me.

What do I mean when I talk about people saying I can’t understand why ...? They say things like:

And the list goes on.

When someone says I can’t understand why …, they’re looking at a situation from their perspective. They’re looking at a situation through their filters. They’re comparing whatever it is to their own likes and biases. They might even have had a bad experience with something, or not had their (often unreasonably lofty) expectations met.

When someone says I don’t understand why …, there’s often an element of reproach or an assignment of guilt in that statement. They might just want to make you feel bad for making the choice you did. Sometimes, they’re trying to mock you for making what they consider a bad choice.

Ignore them.

You chose to buy or use or like something because it suits you. Because it fits your needs.

The opinions of others don’t matter. What matters in this case is your opinion. Letting the opinions and ideas of others influence you can give them a small degree of control over you. Control they don’t deserve and should never have.

You can only be true to yourself, to your opinions, to your ideas. Trust them. Trust yourself.

Scott Nesbitt