Infinite Layaway

31 January, 2022

For a while now, my friend Bryan Behrenshausen has been publishing a weekly newsletter about vaporwave music.

In each edition, Bryan chooses a song and crafts a story or essay, running a few hundred words, that tries to capture the essence, the feeling, the flow of that song. Even if you’re not a fan of vaporwave, Bryan’s newsletter is worth reading if you enjoy good, tight writing.

Ahead of the third series of the newsletter, Bryan has collected the first two series into an ebook titled Infinite Layaway. In it, Bryan has chopped and changed, mixed and matched the various individual editions of his newsletter into an interesting and lively whole. He describes it as:

[A] short treatise on vaporwave — as musical genre, creative aesthetic, and structure of feeling

The book flows, and the ideas and themes in it coalesce, in a different way than that of the newsletter.

Infinite Layaway is definitely worth a read. Not just to support the work of a friend of mine (though that’s a good reason in itself!), but also to understand one person’s passion for a microgenre of music.

Scott Nesbitt