“It’s Better”

3 January, 2021

People say and write that a lot. But those words often leave peoples’ mouths or get tapped out on a keyboard especially when discussing a tool, an app, or a service. They’ll say you should use something else (usually a personal favourite) because It’s better that what’s being discussed.

But in what way is the other option better? Because it has more features and flash? Because all the cool kids use it? Because that’s what the person speaking is used to?

None of that necessarily makes something better. At least not for everyone.

As I’ve been saying for years, different people use tools differently. Take, for example, Simplenote. It doesn’t pack the features of note taking tools like Obsidian, but that doesn’t make Simplenote a worse choice. Why? Not everyone needs the features that are found in Evernote. Simplenote is enough. For the people who choose to embrace it, Simplenote is better.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone uses hardware, software, tools, apps, and services in the same way that you do. They don’t. What’s better for you isn’t necessarily better for someone else. Besides, the idea of better can be subjective. Very subjective. Remember that before you say something like It’s better.

Scott Nesbitt