My Opinion Shouldn’t Matter to You

27 January, 2020

Over the years, I’ve developed a particular and peculiar ability. It’s one that I didn’t set out to develop. It’s one which, because of its strength and scope, seems like a bit of a superpower at times.

That ability? To destroy someone’s joy for something by expressing a dislike for, a lack of interest in, or a negative opinion towards that something.

When I express an opinion like that, the reactions I get range from How can you not like or appreciate x or You ruined y for me!. Yes, a few people have said that I’ve ruined something for them. I was surprised by that response, too.

Here’s a simple truth: my opinion shouldn’t matter to you. No one’s opinion should.

That opinion has no power over you. It has no bearing on you, on your life, or on what you like or dislike. My opinion is what I think and feel at a particular point in time. That opinion may change. It may not. But that doesn’t matter.

If my opinion offends you, so be it. You need to understand that others have opinions that differ from yours. Once you learn that, you’ll become a bit more tolerant. Or, at least, less prone to knee jerk reactions.

If my opinion (or that of someone else) ruins something for you, then the problem is with you and not with me. You need to start taking yourself and what you are interested in a bit less seriously.

Instead of stressing, instead of getting worked up just shunt my opinion (and that of others) to the side. Sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Take a few moments to consider an opinion contrary to your own. Who knows, you might learn something.

Scott Nesbitt