Never Justify Your Choices

6 December, 2020

How many times have people asked you Why did you buy/choose/do that? Or worse, ask you How could you ... ? Often, they ask those questions in an accusing or exasperated tone.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been bombarded with some variation of those questions. The underlying message is that the person asking the question wants me to justify my choice.

You shouldn’t have to do that.

Your choices are your own. You make those choices based on what works for you. If someone doesn’t agree with those choices, if they don’t mesh with that person’s frame/outlook/way of life, then the problem doesn’t lie with you.

For better or for worse, we all get trapped (to varying degrees) in our own little bubbles. Sometimes, we can’t see outside our little niches. But we shouldn’t expect others to be enveloped by our bubbles, to inhabit our niches.

Ignore your critics. Don’t feel that you have to follow the crowd. And definitely don’t spend time and energy justifying your choices.

Scott Nesbitt