On Slower, Quieter Blogs

3 October, 2021

I’m talking about blogs which aren’t continually active or constantly updated. Ones to which a blogger posts maybe a couple of times a week, or less, instead of multiple times per day.

Blogs which aren’t glorified life logs or aren’t ones in which a blogger feels the need to fill dead space with nothing important because there’s some dead space. Blogs that aren’t hawking anything and are bereft of SEO-packed posts and annoying ads and popups and overlays.

I like to believe that the people behind the slower, quieter blogs aren’t ignoring them. Instead, I like to believe that they’re taking the time between posts to think more deeply about the ideas and thoughts that they eventually share.

And I like how many of them present those ideas — succinctly, in a spare yet lively and informative style. They eschew the so-called optimal length of blog posts that’s been bandied about over the last few years. Instead, they use the number of words that they need to use. That could be a handful. It could be 50. It could be 300. It could be 1,000 or more.

Slow isn’t such a bad thing after all, is it?

Scott Nesbitt