On the Text Playlist

13 February, 2023

I first encountered the idea of the text playlist via Leo Babauta. That idea is simple: the playlist is a set of links to articles, blog posts, and the like that have inspired or moved you, or which made you think.

A text playlist is similar to a set of bookmarks, except that it’s very focused — maybe half a dozen or so links. And it’s a bit more public. The goal isn’t just to have those links at your fingertips but also to share them in the hope that what’s at the end of those links will have the effect on others that they’ve had on you.

Following Leo Babauta’s lead, I’ve added a text playlist to my home page (OK, it’s a dozen links not the half dozen or so I recommend). Check it out. And why not add one to your website or blog?

Scott Nesbitt