On the Text Playlist (Again)

29 March, 2023

You might recall a post I published a while back about the text playlist that I added to my home page. In that post, I recommend including maybe half a dozen items, at most, in a playlist. That said, when I wrote that post my own contained about 11 links.

A playlist (text or otherwise) is personal — it can have as many or as few entries in it as you want. Me? I guess I’m just a stickler for keeping to my recommendations. With that poking at me, I felt the urge to whittle my playlist down to the recommended six items.

So what did I do? Like most people, I’m not in state of flux or stasis. Like most people, I’m changing, being influenced or inspired or challenged by something new. Regularly. Some ideas might resonate with me a bit more than others at a given moment. That doesn’t mean, though, the other ideas still don’t matter.

To reflect that, I did what most of us do with audio playlists: I began rotating the contents of my text playlist. It’s now a mix of (for lack of a better term) evergreen inspiration and what’s given my thinking a jolt in recent days.

I’m not sure how often I’ll rotate my text playlist, or how it’ll change with each rotation. But I am looking forward to what those changes bring.

Scott Nesbitt