On /uses Pages

5 September, 2021

I’ve been running into more and more of those as I’ve been exploring the web lately. And I’ve been intrigued by those /uses pages. More than I should be, to be honest.

If you’re not familiar with /uses pages, they’re like /now pages (which outline what a person is up to at any given time). /uses pages, on the other hand, list the hardware, software, services, and tools that a person employs to do their work.

You can argue that /uses pages allow folks visiting someone’s website to indulge in a little harmless digital voyeurism. Or for someone to put their tool fetishism on display. You might be right. But as a friend noted, they’re also just a great inventory for myself, even if no one else particularly cares.

Most of the /uses pages I’ve come across have been posted by techies — coders/programmers, web developers, engineers, and folks of that stripe. But why should they have all the fun? There’s no reason that others — like writers, artists, designers, photographers, students — can’t do the same.

I’ve added a /uses section to my homepage. Why not give one a try at your website?

Scott Nesbitt