Presumptions of Fear

8 August, 2019

I’m usually very cool towards new technology. I generally don’t geek out or go all fanboy when a new tablet or notebook computer or phone comes on the market. Often, that lack of enthusiasm is mistaken for something else.

That something else is fear. Yes, people actually accuse me of fearing new technology and tools.

What many of them don’t seem to understand is that I make my living with technology. I’ve used more technology over the years than many of them ever have. Or maybe ever will.

I don’t fear technology. But I don’t worship at its altar, either.

As I mentioned at the top of this post, most new technology leaves me cold. I have little interest in or use for it. I’m not caught up in any company’s or platform’s marketing hype or its reality distortion field. I don’t believe that my life is or will be better with the newest phone or tablet or computer or gadget.

I’m not emotionally or financially invested in those devices. Or in any technology. My sense of worth and identity isn’t wrapped up in the technology I buy or use.

Scott Nesbitt