On an (Aborted) Gear Refresh

24 November, 2023

In April 2023, I got the notion in my head that time had come to replace some of my gear. That partly came from said gear being a bit old, and perhaps a tad too bulky. I also felt that some of my gear was a bit less robust, a bit less nondescript than should be.

It’s not that my gear is gaudy or brightly coloured or anything like that. A lot of it is branded in some small but noticeable ways — that’s to be expected since some of that gear came into my hands as either a freebie or a giveaway.

Thoughts about doing that refresh, though, were also sparked by reviews of gear that I’d seen around that time. All of it more badass looking than what I own. Plus, it all came in black (an important factor for me when it comes to most purchases). So, with the distraction of the new and shiny in mind, I duly went on a virtual window shopping expedition.

What I found was of excellent quality and that gear had many of the characteristics that I was looking for. All of it came at a price, but I’m willing to pay a bit extra for quality, for something that will last.

But before I began typing my credit card info into various online payment forms, I stopped and asked my why I thought I needed to refresh my gear. Much of my gear is more than a few years old, but it’s all still in excellent shape. It has the features and layout that I looked for in newer wares, but which couldn’t always find. Take, for example, my everyday knapsack. It’s small, light, and has pockets and pouches and slots for whatever I carry exactly where I like those pockets and pouches and slots to be.

It rapidly dawned on me that I actually didn’t need to refresh my gear. What I have is more than good enough for my purposes. It doesn’t draw attention to me, mainly because I don’t try to draw attention to myself. On top of that, my gear does a great job with what I need it to do.

So, I shelved that particular project. At least for most part. I did need a couple of new shirts, some new socks, and another portable power bank. All of which I managed to find on sale.

The lesson I learned? If you feel a need to do something, anything like this you should take a step or two back before you commit. Understand your motivation (whether real or imagined). Then, look at what you have and at what you really need.

Often, you’ll discover that both are already in your grasp.

Scott Nesbitt