Shavings of Time

7 November, 2021

There are people out there obsessed with time. With saving time (if that’s even possible).

You know this type of person: finding shortcuts or hacks that enable them to perform a task a few seconds faster. Mixing similar jobs into batches to tackle them in one fell swoop. Finding the best spot to stand on the train so when they arrive, they’re right at the exit of the station. The list, as they say, is endless …

Those folks are shaving bits of time off what they’re doing. But what are they doing with those shavings?

They can’t just sweep those shavings up and mold them into a timey-wimey ball that will give them an extra hour to sleep or to play tennis or to spend time with the important person in their lives.

That time just doesn’t add up. And it’s probably not worth all of the mental energy it took to save that time.

Scott Nesbitt