On Short-Short Blogging

25 April, 2024

By short-short blogging, I mean the kinds of posts that Seth Godin and Dave Winer often publish. Brief posts — around 350 to 400 words at most. Or maybe even just a few dozen words.

While short-short blog posts are sometimes, though not always, link stations, they can be quite powerful. You can’t do much analysis or offer much insight in that limited number of words, but short-short blog posts can be a great way to:

In some ways, going short-short takes us back to the roots of blogging. To the days before blogging became a long-form way to express yourself on the web. To the days before everyone started obsessing about keywords and SEO optimal lengths of posts and all of the stuff that really does little for a blog.

Good short-short blogging definitely isn’t easy. Writing a short-short post can be more difficult to pull off than a penning a longer one. If you’re planning on doing some short-short blogging, you’ll need to:

Give it a try. You never how your readers will react to short-short blog posts until you publish them.

Scott Nesbitt