Stop Being a Draft Blogger

30 July, 2019

By draft blogger, I mean someone who starts writing blog posts but never finishes them. Someone who has more unfinished blog posts than they do published ones.

Until you finish writing posts, until you publish them, you can’t call yourself a blogger. You’re just practicing. You’re just pretending. You’re just going through the motions.

Draft blog posts mean nothing to you or to readers. That’s especially true when you weigh those drafts against what you’ve already published on your blog.

Being a draft blogger means you’re not serious about blogging. And unless you’re serious about blogging, no one will take you seriously as a blogger. Period.

If you have more drafts than published posts, ask yourself why. Is it because they’re not the so-called optimal length for a blog post and you’re reluctant to publish them? Is it because the ideas for those posts turned out to be not quite as good as you thought they would? Is because you have too many ideas? Or is it something else?

You have two choices: finish what you started or delete your drafts. If you can’t finish your drafts, look at your ideas with a harsh, critical and get rid of most of them.

Do what you have to so you can clean the slate that’s your Drafts folder.

To stop being a draft blogger, you need to focus on ideas that hold your interest. You need to finish what you write. You need to press the Publish button.

Until you do that, you’re not blogging. Until you do that, no one will take you seriously as a blogger.

Scott Nesbitt