Stop Fooling Yourself

21 March, 2021

Humans have an amazing ability for deception. Often, that ability for deception gets turned upon ourselves. To our failings. To our weaknesses.

We fool ourselves into believing that we’re better or more skilled at something that we really are. We fool ourselves into thinking there’s nothing wrong with our lives or the way that we work. We fool ourselves into believing that the blame for our problems lies elsewhere.

If you’re not improving, if you’re not moving forward then you need to look in the mirror. You need to accept responsibility for who you are and what’s happening to you.

You need to stop fooling yourself.

Once you do that, once you take a cold, hard, and objective (or objective as possible) look at what the problem or problems that you face are. Then you can take steps to analyze those problems and come up with a plan to solve them.

It’s never an easy fix. You might need help. Unless you take the first step, self deception will retain its grip on you and you’ll keep spinning your wheels.

Scott Nesbitt