The Life That You Want to Lead

20 February, 2020

Think about the life that you want to lead. Think about how that life is defined. Is it:

One where you’re in thrall of your computer, smartphone, and tablet?

One where you rely on gadgets to perform even the simplest of tasks?

One where you feel compelled to be constantly connected?

One that’s ruled by assembly line productivity?

One that’s governed by seemingly endless to-do lists and checklists?

One in which complexity wins out?

One where stress and anxiety are the norm?

OR is it:

A life that’s simple and balanced?

One where you have time to work and play and relax?

One where you can focus on work that matters?

One where your choice of operating system, mobile device, or software doesn’t have any bearing on your goals?

One where productivity isn’t a race or a contest?

One where you aren’t compelled to obsessively and endlessly tweet or check in?

One where you live in the moment instead of logging it?

Which life would you rather lead? And what would you need to do to make that life yours?

Scott Nesbitt