The Perfect Notebook

29 November, 2018

In this age of mobile device and the plethora of note-taking apps at our fingertips, taking notes by hand seems incredibly archaic. It’s refreshing, though, to see how many people still use pen and paper to jot down information, to record their thoughts, to organize themselves.

Even though it’s a huge step up to call my handwriting a scrawl, I do take a lot of notes. Usually in one of several small pocket notebooks I have at my disposal. I’ve filled more notebooks than I can remember in the last 30 years ...

People often ask me what the perfect notebook is.

Over the years, I’ve tried any number of brands of notebooks — from generic ones to well-known brands. For me, the perfect notebook is the Moleskine Classic Notebook. Hardcover, pocket size, and with squared pages. Why squared and not lines? The squares just work better for me.

That notebook is the right size for me. It’s the right weight. It can take a beating. It just feels right. And it’s the feeling that helps make it perfect for me.

As I said, it’s perfect for me. It might not be perfect for you. I know people whose perfect notebooks are larger, book sized ones (either ruled or blank). I know others who can’t live without a Field Notes notebook.

So, what is a perfect notebook? One that works for you. One that you’re comfortable with. One that you can carry with you and use wherever you wind up. That the can hold up to the stresses and strains you put it through.

Scott Nesbitt