The Rain

13 April, 2020

It comes in waves, especially on days like today. At one moment, the blue of the sky is flecked with white and gray clouds. It gives you the confidence that you can go out for a walk or on a supermarket run and be back before the water starts to fall.

Then, just as you step outside, the hard rain comes down. Or, you get bouts of fine mist between clear moments. That continues all day or across several days.

That, folks, is the cadence of the weather in Auckland during spring and autumn. Even though I’ve been living in this city for almost eight years, I still find the weather here to be fascinating and, at times, frustrating.

I think I’m going to miss the rain in Auckland when I eventually leave the city. But I also wonder what weather, what patterns and cadence of rain, I’ll find in my next home in New Zealand.

Scott Nesbitt