There Is No One Way

4 April, 2021

It’s as old as ... well, you can come up with your own metaphor. Someone touting their way of doing things as being the best way or the only way to do something.

Often, their saying that to sell a product or a service. Sometimes, though, they’re convinced that it really is their way or the highway. The web seems to be packed with those people.

Sadly, that approach appeals to a majority of people. Many of whom should know better.

The problem isn’t the people pushing a method or a product. The problem is that folks are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution to what they need to do. They want all the answers in a neat little package.

That expectation, that desire doesn’t take into account individual variations. Variations like people with different needs, different circumstance, different abilities, different ways of learning, and more.

Whether you’re learning a language, getting fit, building a tiny house, writing a book, learning to code, cooking dinner, or anything there’s one universal truth: there’s no one way to do everything. Period.

Do what works for you. Don’t be afraid to tweak the way in which you do things. Don’t be afraid to incorporate new techniques or ideas. But don’t feel obliged to shoehorn your way of doing things into someone else’s system. In the end, it’s probably not worth the time or effort.

Scott Nesbitt