What’s The Best Device For Writing?

26 September, 2021

For some reason, people continually ask me that question. They’re hoping I’ll open the doors to writing productivity for them.

They’re hoping that I’ll share with them the one secret that’s holding them back from achieving their goals as writers.

They’re hoping that I’ll turn them on to a computer or tablet or something else that will make writing a breeze.

Do you really want to know what the best device for writing is?

It’s the one you’re using now.

Writing isn’t about hardware. It isn’t about software. Whichever devices you use, whichever writing tools you use aren’t what’s doing the work. You are.

You’re developing the ideas. You’re combining words into sentences. You’re crafting paragraphs from those sentences. You’re arranging those paragraphs into a cohesive whole.

The device is just a convenience. It makes the mechanical portion of writing a bit easier. That’s all.

The best device for writing is sitting in front of you. It’s sitting on your lap. It's in your hands. Use that device, and use it well.

Scott Nesbitt